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Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo of the Day: Murasaki Mura

Sometimes it's good to go back through your old files and see what's lurking there. For me, each second I spend in photoshop, each shoot I go on, each time I meet with another photographer, I learn something new. And I find myself looking at all my old pictures with a fresh eye.

So I went back through some older stuff... and found this gem.

I took this picture on my first outing with my friend Aviva. I remember being so nervous b/c I didn't know squat about what I was doing and she was good... really good. She even let me shoot with her 5D, which is the camera that I covet.

I can't believe this was hidden away in that file. I love this picture and will probably have it printed on canvas to display in my living room.

Until next time,

~ K


aviva5271 said...

This is a killer photo, K. You should definitely do something with it. LOVE finding old gems. Thank you for the compliment, and it was easy to see you'll soon have that 5D in front of your face. We were together for much too short of a time, girl.

Loving your photos of the day!

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