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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BIG Discounts on Portrait Collections!!!

Hey guys! I know I've been hinting around at this for a while now, but no more waiting!

Next weekend (the first weekend of May) I'll be at the Langley Spring Bazaar... with some awesome discounts for you!

** Portrait sessions make GREAT Mother's Day gifts! Tell your spouse!!! **
** The weather is getting warmer! It's a great time for some outdoor shoots! Let's do it before it gets HOT HOT!! **
** I'll be giving away a FREE session at the Chinese Auction at the bazaar, come out for a chance to win! **

As well, I'll have a few fine-art prints available for purchase. This is a new venture for me, so I only have a few ... come early to get your pick! And if you happen to miss out, don't worry, I'll have a fine-art print order form available as well. I'm trying to get a feel for what YOU-all like!

And I'm still recruiting for senior reps ! If you have questions, this would be a great time to ask... I'll be sitting there ALL DAY!

If nothing else, come out and say hi! I hear there's going to be some other awesome vendors there. Check out the LESC website for more information :)

Please spread the word! If you can get on-base you can shop!

I hope to meet you!

~ Kassia

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Quiet Conversation Among Friends...

First, I can't help myself...
Second, Dev & Lis, I apologize... I can't help myself...
Third, I will probably regret posting this, but... I can't help myself...


Noah: So you know, our moms are hell-bent on setting us up and arranging our marriage some day...

K: Well...I....

Noah: So why don't we just do away with all the suspense and just go on and get hitched?

K: But I don't even know you...and your family is...like...the loudest most obnoxious family I've ever, ever, EVER been around. It's so overwhelming I just have to stick my tongue out... like this...

Noah: Don't worry little darlin'. I have a multitude of amazing attributes...

K: Oh yeah? Like what?

Noah: Watch-the-rattle-watch-the-rattle... it's moving at hyper-super-sonic-uber speed. I'm a master of this trick... yeah... master...

K: Hmmm. Ohh. Yes, it is moving awfully fast. That's kinda cool...how in the world do you do that?!

Noah: And the glasses. Do you see? I can even put them on ALL BY MYSELF. Well, with my mom's help... if I yell, "Maaa! Eh! EH!" And then I point-and-point-and-point-and-point-and-point-and-point... eventually someone will put them on my face. So it's almost like ALL by myself... I look good don't I? You can admit it...

K: Ooooo. That's pretty cool. You're pretty cool... Ooooo. Oooo.

Noah: So, whattya say?

K: Eh... why not...

And She Finally Blogs Easter...

Whew. A visit with old friends, 3 kids under 6, a bout of food poisoning, and my husband's 31st birthday. It's been a long few days... but here we are... some pictures for you!

It was very low-key... yummy food, a very basic easter egg hunt out in the front yard (which Trey proceeded to tell us was "vewwy eeeasy...")...

We had the cutest little girl over... her daddy works with DJ and is gone for a while, so we took some pictures in her cute little easter dress :)

This is a new favorite of mine. Yes, I just had it printed as a huge canvas. I can't wait to see it!! Do you want to see the canvas? Come see me at the Langley Bazaar! I'll have it out there for all to see!! (more on that soon).

Until next time,
~ K