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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photo of the Day: Happy Birthday Baby

First. Bad blogger! I was so excited about making it a whole month of putting up a photo of the day. And last night, just as I was settling into my nightly routine of picking out a picture... Noah got sick. Not just a little sniffle-sniffle sick. Puke all over mom kinda sick.

Needless to say, I didn't blog last night.

But here I am. It's Noah's first birthday today... a day we had planned to spend watching him dive into a sugar-laden cupcake, but instead we spent it at the doctor's office with a feverish, sweet little boy.

Noah, this post is for you.

In only a year you've gone from this...

To this...

You live life with so much energy and force that it's hard for me to believe. You're not the kid that freely gives his smiles away, but when you do they are the most amazing gift and the recipient really feels special... you're smart as a whip and really don't miss a beat (evidenced by the fact that you will copy every sound out of your brother's mouth, short of full sentences)... you love to dance (and head-bang) and you just love your daddy.

But my favorite part of our everyday is watching you interact with your brother. I love the relationship the two of you have created. That too has evolved... from this...

To this...

I love that you two are actually playing together...that you chase each other around the house (well brother runs and you crawl/scoot, yet you still manage to scare him)... that your big brother is the only person that can really make you belly laugh... that he's the only person that you'll open your mouth for (when we're trying to figure out how much food you've stuffed in there)... and that when we say 'brother' you try to make the sign for brother and then you point to him. I love how you copy his every gesture and try to play with his toys (like yesterday when you insisted I put the Ben Ten watch on YOUR arm even though it weighs almost as much as you do)...and I love that he was the first person who was able to get a "kiss" out of you...

Though you are not defined by your brother, I know what a big role he'll play in your life over the next few years and it makes my heart happy to see you develop that relationship with smiles, laughter, and fun.

Love you little man. You are amazing.

Happy 1st Birthday.

~ Mom


aviva5271 said...

Hope you feel better, Noah! Happy 1st birthday, gorgeous boy - I wish I could give you a big wet ZZZRRBTTT on your belly! MWAH!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, little man! I'm so glad I got to see a few of those infrequent smiles and watch you and your big bro in action. "Head hugs" and kisses to you.

Pappy said...

Kas - Thats just about the nicest thing I have ever seen or read.
You are an amazing mom, wife and daughter in law.
Pat and I love you very much!!!!!!!!

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