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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perfect | Yorktown Family Photographer

This family, hands down, wins for the best dressed kiddos. It was perfect and colorful and warm and just everything that I could have asked for!

Meet the 'P' family: These four are beautiful, cultured, down-to-earth, and an absolute joy to spend 90 minutes with on a brisk Sunday morning. They are (relatively) recently transplanted here from Korea (and before that they lived in Italy, where their oldest was born). We have a shared understanding of what it means to live in Asia and a similar affinity for funny asian signs (maybe someday I'll dig some of my pictures out and post a few... always good for a chuckle or two).

By far my favorite part of this session was watching this family interact. They were just so real... and warm... and absolutely hysterical.

Here we go:

First meet Emma. The oldest. The rockstar. The natural. The most beautiful platinum blonde little darling I have ever met...

Mom kept talking about how gorgeous she looks in bold colors. SO right mom.

Next, meet Mia. The baby. The cuddler. The romper. The sweetheart.

...and Emma and Mia together... This is a strong candidate for one of my favorite shots of the year...

I know I keep saying this, but I just loved how they played together!

... and finally... a family shot. Beautiful.

I had such a good time with you! I can't wait to show you all these pictures!

Until next time,

~ K

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Family Friday...

** Quick BIZ UPDATE : I'm now booked for the 2009 year. I will only be taking bookings for the 2010 year! **

Happy Black Friday! For those of you that are big shoppers, I'm sure this was a busy day for you. However, a big shopper, I am not. The crowds stress me out... and all the madness makes me want to sit down someplace quiet and rock back and forth.

So. I am here.

I wanted to share a few pics of my Thanksgiving Day with you.

My husband's family is all boy. Four brothers...Three of which had 2 sons each... and now we have 2 boys... A family get together at Great Nanny's (my husband's grandmother) is a total hoot. Toys galore (of the kid and big-kid variety) for everyone to play with... it's great.

Our littlest one wasn't feeling so well and was therefore a total pain in the rear-end... but after a nice dose of Motrin he felt much better... and allowed a few people to hold him... for a millisecond.

So Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. I hope you all had a day as good as mine!

Until next time,

~ K

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's a little early, but we'll be driving to spend the day with family tomorrow and I wanted to be sure to get this in.

I have SO much to be thankful for.

* My beautiful boys... who can always make me smile and are truly the light of my life...
* My husband who is so supportive and puts up with my madness...
* My sister who is more amazing than she'll ever know...
* My parents for teaching me...
* My friends for just BEING with me & understanding me & laughing with me...
* My in-laws who raised the cutest little boy into a wonderful man...
* The military for providing a roof over our heads and putting food on our table, exposing us to new places every few years, and for providing us with friends, quite literally, all over the world (8 countries at last count I think...).
* My camera. Aside from my family, it's my life.
* and... my clients... who trust me to capture their family memories. My clients over the past year have been gracious, patient, honest, caring, and open as I've worked so hard to build this business. I am SO thankful for ALL of you.

This is everything that is autumn and thanksgiving to me. The smell of autumn... leaves burning in the distance, that moist almost musky smell of wet leaves against the cool air in the morning.... I miss fall up north. But I'm happy to be where we are now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Until next time,

~ K

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photographers Need Family Photos too... | Hampton Family Photography

We are always behind the camera... taking pics of our own kids & other people's kids... but rarely do WE ever get in FRONT of the camera.

Sometimes we might try to hand off the camera to our significant other... and then talk them through the proper settings... and then look at the picture... and * oh gee, imagine that * it's blurry and, gah, there's only half my face in the frame!

Yes... I mean... Nooo honey, I am not talking about you... { smile }

So when Anne contacted me to do a family photo swap... I jumped at the chance.

Plus, though it's a bit nerve wracking photographing another photographer, it's nice having someone else knowing which way to turn and where to find the good light :)

Here you go Anne!

I kept getting them to yell, "Daddy's got stinky feet!!" Over and over and over again... as I perfected the shot. "Mommy's got stinky feet!" "Daddy's got stinky feet!" "YOU have stinky feet!" Hahaha.

And then...

...yeah... and then they go sick of me... {sigh}. Not to self: do NOT wear out the 'stinky feet' ploy...

I really wanted to get some good shots of Anne with the kids... that's what we don't always get... Well, without a whole lot of trouble anyway (self-timers, remote triggers, lots of running back & forth...)

Anne, your children are so sweet and very photogenic!!

But... I think this image is my favorite...

Until next time,

~ K

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Family Friday...

I celebrated my birthday two days ago... it was a great day!

But one of the best things I have EVER received came a few days before my birthday... it was this picture that Trey drew at school. Things he's thankful for...

I typed in what everything is... do you see that last thing... do you see it?! "My mama..."

That's all I needed.

Until next time,

~ K

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I really can't believe it's already holiday season.

The music. The colors. The commercials. The food. The food....

It's madness really.

And I LOVE it!

So to kick things off, I'll be participating in a Ladies Night Out shopping event this Thursday at the McDonald Garden Center here in Hampton!

Come on out and knock-out some of that holiday shopping early :)

I'll be donating 50% off a sitting fee for one of their raffles...! This your chance :)

And... I might have a few other goodies out there too... hmmm... dunno. We'll see :)

See you there!

Until next time,

~ K

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keeping it simple...

I love that statement.

So little in life is truly simple... or at least it seems that way, as we tend to make things much more complicated than need be.

Okay. So maybe that's just me. But I'm really good at. Like... I've perfected the art of over-complicating things.

And so, as self-inflicted therapy, I've started simplifying.

I'm starting with my business.

The other day I was looking through my website... like I do every so often to make sure everything's loading properly and what-not... and I looked through my pricing...

&*$@#! ??

Confusing! I created it. And I was overwhelmed. (* cough * are we surprised? No.)

So I've re-vamped. Simplified. Clarified.

One creative fee. (ETA: Okay. So two creative fees. One for most sessions, one for newborns...)

A la carte prints & products.

Five collections to choose from (collections are a variety of prints and products offered together at a discounted price).

The end.

Ahhh. That feels so much better.

Check out my website for more specifics.
(All clients currently booked your prices have not changed. The new pricing is for clients booking from this day forward).

And because we can't post without a picture... and simplicity is the word of the day...

This is, very simply, everything that is beautiful about my son. His face. His spirit. His curiosity.

"Look mom! Look at this one! It's red! It's beautiful!"

Until next time,

~ K

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Family Friday...

Okay. I have to be honest. With this crazy weather and Trey being out of school for the past two days, our life has kind-of been turned upside down. I normally have this posted by mid-day, but... well... it's still Friday, right?

The week started out so beautifully...

On this particular day, the water on the harbor was absolutely pristine. It was like the sky and the water melded together into one at the horizon.

By Wednesday, the sky was steel grey and the rain was coming down in cold drops...sideways...

And by Thursday, it was full on Nor'Easter with winds gusting to almost 60 mph, tons of rain, and ridiculous tidal flooding...

We certainly didn't bear the brunt of it here, but the base had some serious flooding and the southside was hit really hard. School was cancelled... so the boys and I hunkered down to a few days of lounging in our PJ's and a Harry Potter movie marathon. DJ had to go into work both days, so it was just the three of us.

Hello cabin fever.

We read books... or, in this case, magazines (Noah is flipping through my Professional Photographer Mag)...

...and we hung out by the window and watched the waves beat against the shore...

I got my share of sun by editing through some images from earlier in the week.

The other day at the park, the boys ran around and Trey was showing Noah some ninja moves. But, you know..., before ninja moves, you have to start with a little bow. Namaste.

I love it.

I hope everyone has survived the storm...

Until next time,

~ K

Monday, November 9, 2009

'H' Family | Yorktown Family Photographer

Kendre first got in touch with me before they moved to VA to inquire about a session... and, though we had to wait several months for this to come to fruition, it was well worth the wait.

We walked around the park, chatted a bit (found out we'd both been stationed on Okinawa at roughly the same time), wiped baby snot, got drooled on (okay, well, maybe that was just dad... ), sang songs, threw some leaves, and watched little 'B' walk around like a pro...

It was a gorgeous day, the leaves are crisp and colorful, and ... well... it was just perfection.

Here's the family.

This is some prime genetics at work. Look at this GORGEOUS family! I feel like I say this all the time, but all of my families are so beautiful!

Little 'B' is about to turn one! And, as a matter of fact, her birthday is the same as mine! Oh... this makes me love her all the more...

I love the light and the colors here. Kendre, you did a superb job of picking out colors and outfits!

Mom... and 'B'...

And, you guys know how I just love pictures of Dads and their kids... This might be one of my favorites to date...

Real. Beautiful. Lovely. I don't think I could ask for much more...

If you guys are loving the colors as much as I do, consider signing up for my newly re-opened Quickie shoots for this weekend... see here.

I had a great time meeting you!

Until next time,

~ K

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strength and Beauty... | Hampton Family Photography

Let me introduce you to a family that I've only known for a very short time, who I've had very little contact with, but who have made a very big impact on my life.

I've known the 'F' family since last year when Trey started his pre-K program. Their son, Sean, was in his class and they became fast friends. Trey would come home with little pictures that Sean had cut out, colored, and gifted him with... he would talk about his friend Sean all the time... "Hey Mom! Did you know...Sean did this... and then that... and then this... and then that...." Every so often, in the afternoons, as I would stand in the little hallway outside of Trey's classroom, waiting for them to finish singing, "It was a good day..." Sean's dad would be there waiting too, with Sean's older brother, Nick. Nick would smile at Noah who, at the time, was barely walking and would giggle at him or, more often than not, make some kind of odd-Noah-grunt... and Nick would say, "He's cute!" and smile.

But mainly, that was the extent of the contact I had with the 'F' family. Courteous... a mutual respect for the cuteness of our kids. But each of us with busy lives...

Then as the year came to a close and we were giving out invitations to Trey's 1/2 Birthday Party, we noticed Sean was gone from school early. Trey, with all that kid-honesty I love so much, said, "Sean said his brother is sick. So they have to go on vacation early. He said he has headaches..."

The summer progressed ... and then Trey was invited to a birthday party... and Sean was there! DJ talked to his mom for a bit and, at my insisting, obtained her email address so I could forward on a picture I had taken of the boys at school that spring.

DJ spoke with Christina for a while... and, as it turns out, Nick was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, DIPG or Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Their "early vacation" was a trip to St. Jude's in Memphis for rigorous treatment.

This one hit really close to home. I was... kind-of... fraught with uncertainty about what to do ... I knew I wanted to DO something... to SAY just the perfect thing... to REACH OUT to them. But I was so unsure of how to go about doing that without sounding cliche or fake... in the end, I just sent an email saying I wanted to offer them some portraits...

Christina was gracious and wonderful and open and has been ever since. I've read their Caring Bridge journal which she so willingly shared with me, I cried and laughed, and... more than anything... I've been amazed at the strength of their family through this.

It's only been a few months and their spirit is amazing. Nick was diagnosed on May 30th of this year... and is doing SO well. At their last visit to St. Jude's, the doctor's said there was a significant reduction in the size of the tumor.... There is hope.

So here they are. A beautiful family... a strong family... and a family, who despite it all, is just as real and wonderful as can be.

Meet Nick...

And Sean...

Now go hug your kids. And smile.

Until next time,

~ K

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Family Friday...

We should probably start off with some introductions...

Meet my eldest, Trey...

Trey is pretty much your stereotypical first child... competitive, yet thoughtful, a perfectionist, kinda high-strung. He is a happy boy and a sweet boy with a good, good heart... However, he has a propensity for whining that makes me go a little batty. Here he is, happily showing me his moves (I think he was singing... "Dontcha wish ya girlfriend was hot like me..."). I made him stop throwing the ball outside to take a few pictures. He rolled his eyes, moved into the good light (he's a photog's kid) and started dancing and singing like a madman... for five seconds... then said, "I'm Done." And picked up the ball again. It can't be easy growing up with a photographer as a parent.

And the baby, Noah...

Noah is the antithesis of Trey. He is impulsive, loud, and a raging dare-devil. His favorite phrase is, "ME DO!" As in, me-do everything... I don't need your stinkin' help walking down this huge flight of very steep stairs... "ME DO!" He is the reason years have been shaved off my life... For instance, this morning... I ran upstairs to get Trey's socks and by the time I came back down, Noah had put his little red plastic chair ON the couch and was sitting on it. {!!!} Heart attack!

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend planned! The weather here in Eastern VA is supposed to be gorgeous! I've got several two shoots coming up and a even a little something for my own family :) So sneak peeks coming soon !

Until next time,

~ K

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Stars Aligned... | Hampton Family Photography

I don't think I can count on one hand how many times this family and I had to reschedule our shoot. Weather, weather, weather, sick kid, weather, weather... So finally... this week the weather channel's website professed a whole week of sunny days. She and I called each other and vowed to get this shoot in.

We talked on the phone yesterday afternoon, made a last-minute reschedule for this afternoon... and then joked about some crazy freak-snowstorm coming to VA... hahahaha... so totally not funny. I did a little secret good-weather dance last night... Yes, really. I'm that sick of rescheduling shoots...

Anyway, enough babble from the camera lady...

First, meet 'A'...

'A' and I had met once previously... and he was an absolute ball of energy. Tonight, however, he was much more reserved and into mommy and daddy. Might have had something to do with the weird lady with the big-black-box in front of her face making silly faces and funny noises. I would have been hesitant of me too at that age...

It took a few minutes, but he eventually warmed up to me... However, I certainly can't take all the credit. Mom and Dad did a great job of talking and playing too! That's the key! Play!

I really love this shot. It may very well be my favorite thus far. It's that thing we mommy's have...that absolute NEED to nuzzle our children and take in their scent and just be near them. I love it. The grain. The expression. Love love love.

Here's mommy (Beth) and 'A'... See there, he's picking flowers for her. Boys rule.

...and Daddy (Patrick) and 'A'... I love this one too.

...and the whole family... and can I just say... doesn't dad look like Anthony Edwards?! Whoa... it's really striking in this image... :) Cool!

Beth, it worked out! The stars aligned and, though the guy on the golf-cart was kicking us out of the park as the light fell.... and we had to shoot around moms with strollers, joggers, and a gaggle of tween-age kids... it was a fantastic afternoon!

Thanks guys for so much patience and for being so great. More in your gallery soon!

Until next time,
~ K

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday Quickie Slots... a few more!

I'm opening up a few more slots for a Holiday Quickie Shoot!

DATE: Sunday, November 15th
LOCATION: Sandy Bottom Nature Park (the leaves are sure to be gorgeous!)
TIME SLOTS: 7:30am, 8:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am
DETAILS: $195 - includes the shoot, private gallery, a set of custom holiday cards, and an 8x10!

Email me ASAP (kassia@kassiareedyphotography.com) if you're interested!

And... because... it's no fun to post without a picture...

That's my brood... Harry Potter... and his broom, the Nimbus 2000. :)