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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Family Friday...

Okay. I have to be honest. With this crazy weather and Trey being out of school for the past two days, our life has kind-of been turned upside down. I normally have this posted by mid-day, but... well... it's still Friday, right?

The week started out so beautifully...

On this particular day, the water on the harbor was absolutely pristine. It was like the sky and the water melded together into one at the horizon.

By Wednesday, the sky was steel grey and the rain was coming down in cold drops...sideways...

And by Thursday, it was full on Nor'Easter with winds gusting to almost 60 mph, tons of rain, and ridiculous tidal flooding...

We certainly didn't bear the brunt of it here, but the base had some serious flooding and the southside was hit really hard. School was cancelled... so the boys and I hunkered down to a few days of lounging in our PJ's and a Harry Potter movie marathon. DJ had to go into work both days, so it was just the three of us.

Hello cabin fever.

We read books... or, in this case, magazines (Noah is flipping through my Professional Photographer Mag)...

...and we hung out by the window and watched the waves beat against the shore...

I got my share of sun by editing through some images from earlier in the week.

The other day at the park, the boys ran around and Trey was showing Noah some ninja moves. But, you know..., before ninja moves, you have to start with a little bow. Namaste.

I love it.

I hope everyone has survived the storm...

Until next time,

~ K


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