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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photographers Need Family Photos too... | Hampton Family Photography

We are always behind the camera... taking pics of our own kids & other people's kids... but rarely do WE ever get in FRONT of the camera.

Sometimes we might try to hand off the camera to our significant other... and then talk them through the proper settings... and then look at the picture... and * oh gee, imagine that * it's blurry and, gah, there's only half my face in the frame!

Yes... I mean... Nooo honey, I am not talking about you... { smile }

So when Anne contacted me to do a family photo swap... I jumped at the chance.

Plus, though it's a bit nerve wracking photographing another photographer, it's nice having someone else knowing which way to turn and where to find the good light :)

Here you go Anne!

I kept getting them to yell, "Daddy's got stinky feet!!" Over and over and over again... as I perfected the shot. "Mommy's got stinky feet!" "Daddy's got stinky feet!" "YOU have stinky feet!" Hahaha.

And then...

...yeah... and then they go sick of me... {sigh}. Not to self: do NOT wear out the 'stinky feet' ploy...

I really wanted to get some good shots of Anne with the kids... that's what we don't always get... Well, without a whole lot of trouble anyway (self-timers, remote triggers, lots of running back & forth...)

Anne, your children are so sweet and very photogenic!!

But... I think this image is my favorite...

Until next time,

~ K


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