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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

THIS is a family... | Yorktown Hampton Family Photography

When I say THIS is a family... I mean it. The way they interact really shows how much they care about each other and I think it reflects in their portraits.

Mom and I first met shortly after I moved here to VA, but we knew OF each other through work. She worked in the same office as I did...though at different times... so we knew a lot of the same people. They were stationed on Okinawa roughly the same time we were, so when we got together it wasn't the least bit awkward. It was kind of like we had known each other for years. Of course, it helps that she has one of those warm, outgoing personalities that just DRAW people in. But you know, I like to think it was me... hahaha.

Okay, enough chattering, bring on the pictures...

I love how mom is holding onto her son. As a mom to boys, this really speaks to me...

Can't you just feel how close they are?

Oldest son. What a looker (okay who says looker anymore?! Apparantly just me). He's gorgeous and polite and smart... and an all around great guy. Ladies back off.

Middle son. He looks like a movie star to me. Just has that cool quality... :)

And he can run faaast... *wink*

Daughter. She had some serious spirit! She kept saying, "The camera LOVES me..." Girl didn't lie though, she's just naturally vibrant.

...oh and something of a daddy's girl...

What a photogenic bunch.

But THIS is my favorite... hands down...

I love how you get a real sense for their relationship from this picture. THIS is what photography is all about to me... it says something. Tells a little quick story... if someone comes across these pictures 100 years from now, they'll be able to tell what kind of family this was. I love it.

This was long overdue, but I'm glad I waited to post this on the new blog because it really does the pictures justice.

Great family.

~ K


aviva5271 said...

Beautifully captured beautiful family! I have to agree - that last one is extra special, K. Amazing work!

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