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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family...4 months later | Yorktown Family Photography

I promised these guys I wouldn't blog about this shoot until after Christmas... :) Well, it's after Christmas!

Back in September my friend Whitney contacted me and set up this shoot as surprise for her mom. Her brother and his daughter were going to be in town briefly and she wanted to get some pictures of the whole family. It was going to be her Christmas gift :)

Now that Mom has seen her gifts and has her pics hanging in her home, I felt like it was finally safe to blog a few of my favorites from this September shoot.

The weather was just starting to get chilly... and as I sit here looking out my window at several inches of snow... I'm smiling because I know that, soon enough, it's going to be beautiful picture-taking-weather again :)

Here we go.

Meet Mabel...

This little one is so full of spirit, she's just a joy to work with. Naturally photogenic and very much comfortable in front of the camera, we had a great time together!

And this is Mabel and her Daddy... you guys know how much I love Daddy/Kid pictures... this is another of my favorites. I think it's the color...

No! No wait... No this is my favorite.

And here's the whole crew.

And Whitney and Mabel... together... love this one too...

But this, I think, was my favorite from the session. I should say it's my emotional favorite...for sure it's not technically perfect and the baby's not looking at the camera (he was seriously sick of me by that point), but it speaks to me. I think maybe... because when my kids grow up... I'd love to have a shot like this... all of them with their kids and spouses... all together... happy and successful. Content.

Merry Christmas Whitney's mom! You've done a great job with your two kiddos...they are beautiful and gracious and great parents themselves :)

Until next time,

~ K


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