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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keeping it simple...

I love that statement.

So little in life is truly simple... or at least it seems that way, as we tend to make things much more complicated than need be.

Okay. So maybe that's just me. But I'm really good at. Like... I've perfected the art of over-complicating things.

And so, as self-inflicted therapy, I've started simplifying.

I'm starting with my business.

The other day I was looking through my website... like I do every so often to make sure everything's loading properly and what-not... and I looked through my pricing...

&*$@#! ??

Confusing! I created it. And I was overwhelmed. (* cough * are we surprised? No.)

So I've re-vamped. Simplified. Clarified.

One creative fee. (ETA: Okay. So two creative fees. One for most sessions, one for newborns...)

A la carte prints & products.

Five collections to choose from (collections are a variety of prints and products offered together at a discounted price).

The end.

Ahhh. That feels so much better.

Check out my website for more specifics.
(All clients currently booked your prices have not changed. The new pricing is for clients booking from this day forward).

And because we can't post without a picture... and simplicity is the word of the day...

This is, very simply, everything that is beautiful about my son. His face. His spirit. His curiosity.

"Look mom! Look at this one! It's red! It's beautiful!"

Until next time,

~ K


aviva5271 said...

T is just gorgeous - another beautiful shot. Always simplify! GOOD FOR YOU, girlie, I know it'll be better.

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