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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You may notice (if you're on my blog page proper....if you're reading this in an aggregator, pop over to my page) that my blog header looks different.

It's been about a year now since I started on this path to starting my own photography business. I have learned so much and have grown as a photographer (and as a person I hope) since that time...

I felt it was time for a little change.

Nothing huge.

Just little.

My logo... is slightly different. That's it.

Whattya think? I feel like it's a little more representative of things as of late.

So, if you're perusing my website you may notice some changes as I update the site. Please be patient. All should be done in a few days.

Until next time,

~ K


Jen Arthur said...

I really like it! It's very different and cool.

Karin said...

Love it! It looks more "Kassia" to me.

Kassia Reedy Photography said...

Thank-you guys! Kind-of a labor of love, but I definitely felt it was time for a change. Karin, your comment makes me feel like this was absolutely the right thing. I agree... more "Kassia". You guys rock.

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

I love love it! I think its totally you.
Now I just need one for my website to show you off ;)


PS yes Monday works great for me!

The Trimble's said...

I like it!

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