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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Up & Messing Around...

It's been ages... so I thought I'd post a few pics on the blog. Mainly my family... but with a bit of a different twist than my normal editing style... just for fun.

(above) November -- After being stuck in the house for a few days with sick little Noah, we took a cautious car trip out and about so he could get out of the house and see something besides the TV and the couch. The leaves were changing and the weather was fresh and beautiful so we drove the Colonial Parkway from Yorktown to Williamsburg. Just 'cause.

December -- our annual trip up the road to spend time with DJ's extended family during the holiday season. Noah loves playing with everyone... a house full of boys and he's in absolute, pure, heaven. I love the look on his face here...

January -- we took a day-trip to DC when my dad was in town to see the sights. Noah loved running around, and the boys especially loved the Washington Monument.

February -- Noah's bday was gorgeous -- the most perfect spring weather ever. We grabbed a bunch of fun stuff (bikes, scooters, skateboards) and went out to the beach. Trey got this skateboard from Santa and is still working on mastering it... I love that he falls, brushes himself off, announces that he's okay, and keeps getting back on that skateboard.

**NOTE: all the textures I used in the editing of these images are from the amazing Patti Brown. Her Kaleidoscope - a collection of color and light textures and overlays are gorgeous and SO. MUCH. FUN to play with. **

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

More soon.

Until next time,

~ K


Karin said...

Love these... my fave is Noah running in the hat. The lighting and shadows, and textures of the ground and wall just work so well together, and the texture overlay is perfect.

Forcing ourselves to try something different can be so freeing and inspiring! I'm making a point to work on that.

Smokey Ardisson said...

So nice to see you sort-of blogging, or sort-of photoblogging, again. I always love to see your take on color, and of course you guys. :-)

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