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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Friday, February 12, 2010


I made an investment last week... an investment in my business...

I bought a new camera! I've been using the same camera since 2005. It was, and still is, a workhorse. I learned everything I know about photography on that beginner's camera and it served me well. But after five years, it was time to upgrade... I eeked every ounce of ISO, shutter speed... you name it out of that thing...

And now, now I've got an amazing piece of photographic machinery. It's an amazing camera.

Here are a few samples for you.

This was shot at ISO 6400. Did you hear me?! 6400!!!

And this is pretty much SOOC except for re-sizing and a little web sharpening.

The rest of these were shot at ISO 2500 with my 85 1.8.

This is Trey showing us his AMAZING report card! It's full of S's and O's (Satisfactory and Outstanding). We are so proud of him!

We went out to eat and then got the boys some ice cream... Noah was covered in ice cream by the time we made it home, so he was required to finish in the kitchen... :)

I am in heaven playing with this thing... and I can't wait to get YOU in front of my new camera.

Until next time,

~ K


aviva5271 said...

WOOHOO! yay! jumping up and down - i'm sure you are seriously having a blast - can't wait to see and hear more about the new toy :) CONGRATS girl - you've earned it and you can WORK IT...yeah you can.

Karin said...

Incredible! What a great feeling- when you wait that long you really appreciate it. Can't wait to see your upcoming shoots!

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