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Monday, September 28, 2009

How Are You Reading Your Blogs?

I follow LOTS of blogs... other photographers, a few tech blogs, some mommy-blogs, pop-culture blogs... I will NOT admit to how many because it's just downright embarrassing.

But let me tell you... if I didn't use an aggregator it would take HOURS HOURS HOURS out of my day to look through all the sites I frequent.

What's an aggregator you ask?

In simple, non-techy, terms... it 's a one-stop place that collects all the recent posts from all the blogs you specify... and shows 'em to ya.

I'm personally a big fan of 'Google Reader' for two reasons:

1) I have multiple Gmail accounts so it's just easy and right there


2) This do-hickey...

If you're using Google Reader...on the top right section of your screen (next to your email address) click 'Settings', then click 'Goodies'...

Drag the 'Next' tab into your bookmarks toolbar...


Whenever you click it, it automatically takes you through each blog you've subscribed to!


Until next time,

~ K


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