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Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, yesterday morning was a great morning... for a while anyway... I got up early while all the boys were in bed. I was able to drink a cup of coffee and watch the crabbers check their traps in the harbor. I spent some time on the internet and got ready for my shoot... it was relaxing and great.

Then I left.

And apparently my husband temporarily lost his mind...

Because when I returned, my baby looked like this:

DJ, fancying himself a barber, decided to "cut" Noah's hair. He said, "Well, YOU said it needed to be cut!" Yes, NOT shaved!


So, we (DJ, myself, and the neighbors) can't quite decide who he resembles most... blog readers, you can help... here are the candidates:

It's a bit of a tough call for me. I haven't quite decided, but I have taken to calling him "Dalai". You know, like, "What are you doing in the fridge you silly dalai?" or "Get your water dalai..."

Here's a few more pics of the bald baby just in case you need some reference material...

Help us decide people.

And lambaste DJ when you see him next...

And, hats, yes... we'll need some hats for his oversized-melon-head otherwise he'll be all kinds of sunburned...

Until next time,

~ K


Katherine said...

Dalai Lama... definitely. I hope you didn't make DJ sleep on the couch, it's actually quite cute!

The Trimble's said...

Awe! It's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be, however, he did have a lot of hair before : ( He's still a cutie though!

aviva5271 said...

yep - Dalai. But it sounds like "Dolly" when you say it out loud, so don't give the kid some kind of weird complex. :) It'll grow back way too fast!

Mom said...

He looks wonderful! He looks like himself. And I sure hope DJ saved a lock of his baby hair!!!

It will be all right, Kass. Hugs!

DJ said...

I saved a lock of his hair alright...It's right where I left it...in the vacum:)

Stephanie said...

I was wondering where his hair went!! I knew there had to be a story behind hit. But it's cute! :)

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