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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whitney & John | Hampton Maternity Photography

Let me warn you, I feel some sentimental-emotional stuff comin' on. Just tellin' ya...

I met these two on the beach yesterday morning. The weather was perfect, the light was beautiful, and the beach was empty. I don't think we could have asked for much more.

There's something so amazing about these maternity shoots and the couples that request them. I have been absolutely floored by the amount of emotion my couples have been willing to share with me. It humbles me. So much. I love maternity shots. I love the anticipation and the excitement each couple feels in their own special way for the life that they've created. It's unbelievable.

So here we go...

Whitney is so photogenic. And glowing. She's just glowing!

John... you're not all that bad yourself ;)

Talk about brave. These two got IN the water. It's nice and warm outside here in VA these days, but the water is still C-O-L-D. Troopers! And I didn't even suggest this... nope, this was all their idea! Which is absolutely why they're my new best friends. For ever. And Always. Amen.

Saved this one for last. As I'm editing, this is my favorite so far. I get a little emotional looking at it... I love it. And I wish I had something like this hanging in my room... *sigh* hindsight is 20/20...

Thanks guys for an awesome morning! There are SO MANY more amazing shots. I can't wait to show them to you! Soon... soon!

Until next time,
~ K


So, yesterday morning was a great morning... for a while anyway... I got up early while all the boys were in bed. I was able to drink a cup of coffee and watch the crabbers check their traps in the harbor. I spent some time on the internet and got ready for my shoot... it was relaxing and great.

Then I left.

And apparently my husband temporarily lost his mind...

Because when I returned, my baby looked like this:

DJ, fancying himself a barber, decided to "cut" Noah's hair. He said, "Well, YOU said it needed to be cut!" Yes, NOT shaved!


So, we (DJ, myself, and the neighbors) can't quite decide who he resembles most... blog readers, you can help... here are the candidates:

It's a bit of a tough call for me. I haven't quite decided, but I have taken to calling him "Dalai". You know, like, "What are you doing in the fridge you silly dalai?" or "Get your water dalai..."

Here's a few more pics of the bald baby just in case you need some reference material...

Help us decide people.

And lambaste DJ when you see him next...

And, hats, yes... we'll need some hats for his oversized-melon-head otherwise he'll be all kinds of sunburned...

Until next time,

~ K

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Give Your Husband a QUICKIE for Father's Day...!!

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter. I mean really... *sheesh* :)

Is your husband really hard to shop for?
Do you know someone that HAS everything?

Here's an idea! Give them the gift of memories. Anyway you want it :)

** Get you and the kids and the family dog together and we'll snap a quick pic, order it in a 5x7 and I'll have it to you well before Father's Day.

** No kids? Great! What would be better than giving your man a gorgeous pictures of his lady that he can display proudly at work?!

** Already have a gift for hubby, but need something for YOUR dad? Get the grandkids in a heap, we'll snap a photo (well if you know me, we'll snap MANY photos)...I'll bring you the 5x7 when it's all said and done... well in time for Father's Day!

Email me ASAP so we can book a session!

All sessions must take place no later than Thursday, June 11th in order for all prints to arrive in time.

Payment in full is due at the time of booking!

I hope to hear from you soon!!

Until next time,
~ Kassia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Have A Nice Civilized Dinner

A little lesson for you. Let's get serious, eh?

(cereal you say? did someone say cereal? because sometimes i like food...)

Here at the Reedy home, we believe in emphasizing proper manners & mealtime etiquette.

(bahahaha... she said serious...or sperious...or sflerious...or who cares it was funny...)

It's important to teach your children to eat their food... not to play with it.

(smoooshy smooshy, squishy, squishy... shall i eat it? or fling it?)

Proper use of napkins is always a good lesson as well.

(What's a napkin? Hey look! I can clean my hands with my tongue! Cooooool...)

Of course, if the child finishes before the adults, they should learn to sit quietly and patiently while the rest of the table finishes their meal...

(Hey listen to this sound...Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....my mom lets me watch tv with my brother...and I already know who Sponge Bob is and I'm just 1... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...)

I am quite proud. If you ever feel you need a decorum consult. Please feel free to contact us...

Until next time,

~ K

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Favorite...

More from Mother's Day...

Don't ask me what happened to the baby's clothes because I have no earthly idea. But, lord, isn't he cute? And something about dads with their babies... I love this shot.

Until next time,

~ K

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day... just a little late?

I've been so busy lately with the Bazaar and the event last week and shoots that I haven't been blogging any of our personal stuff.

So here's a little bit... I'll be back with more soon, I promise!

Mother's Day this year was a blast. DJ's parents were in town and it was BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL outside! So I was off doing something...who knows what... I certainly can't remember because I can't even remember what I wore yesterday... Anyway, so I was off doing something and I come downstairs and Mimi and Pappy had taken Trey off to Wal-Mart. For my kid, this is like winning the lottery... going to Wal-Mart with his grandparents. Oh lordy. And what do they come back with? OF COURSE, water guns!

Did I mention that it was beautiful outside?

So water guns + The Reedy Family + a beautiful day = some-great-shots-that-I-haven't-blogged-yet...

I love watching Trey play with his grandparents. They give him so much awesome attention... and for a kid who is so GOOD... and patient while I try to be a not-so-neurotic (yeah right) mother... this is his release. He gets to play and play and play and play and play and play... I love it. And, um, I think they might have a little fun here and there too...

Noah is just now getting old enough to realize that... hey... this seems like fun and why the he** can't I have a gun?! So what does he do? He converts the hand-soap into his own gun.

Yes. He did.

This is my life.

And I. LOVE. IT.

Until next time,
~ K

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ryan & Rachel: Sneak Peek | Hampton Roads Couples Photographer

Rachel is awesome. Awesome. And a winner! She won my free session through the LESC and we shot her portraits last weekend!

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. out on this shoot. Well aside from the fact that I'm apparantly allergic to, uh, nature. I started sneezing and sniffling and my eyes started getting all itchy... stinkin' nature.

And Rachel, my dear, I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say you hate being in front of the camera. You look radiant!

And... now... I'll... shutup.

I just love this picture. I'm not done editing the entire set of images, but so far this is my favorite. We were walking up to this path and the light was shining through the trees so perfectly... so I start yelling... "there! there! see that light! ohmigod. You guys stand RIGHT there!"

*Sigh* I love real smiles. I do. Just don't ask my couples what I do to GET those real smiles. *wink* *wink*

Whatever not-photogenic. I love it.

So you two... I had great fun! Keep an eye on your inbox for your gallery! Should be up soon... :)

Until next time,

And The Winner Is...

For those of you who visited my table at the 'Evening Under the Stars' event last night, here's the winner of the FREE session!

#125! Heather Larkins! I'll be emailing you soon!

Until next time,

P.S. Rachel & Ryan... I know you're looking for your sneak peek! It's coming soon, I promise!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Hailey | Sneak Peek | Hampton, VA Newborn Photography

Last weekend I got to play with a sweet baby girl... little Hailey. At just over 2 weeks old, she was sweet, pretty sleepy, and oh-so babylicious! I first met Hailey when she was still in her mama's belly, you may remember that gorgeous pregnant mama from a previous post :)

I'm still knee-deep in editing... but I picked a few to share with you so you can enjoy the babyliciousness too...

This might be my favorite thus far... but I'm certainly not done yet.

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy these... more to come soon!

Until next time,
~ K

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jeremie's Family: A Sneak Peek! | Hampton Roads Family Photography

So... my friend Jeremie contacted me a while back to schedule a shoot for her family while they were all gathered here for her sister's nursing school graduation. I, of course, screamed like a little girl, ran around the house, told DJ about 16 times, and then... all professional-like, calmly emailed her back and was all, "Sure. I'd love to Jeremie. I can't wait to see you!" *Snort*

So, the big day was Saturday and, as per usual, the weather was supposed to be awful. Rain. Thunderstorms. More Rain.

I did what any self-respecting photographer would do. I ran to Target and bought a handful of fun colorful umbrellas... and then proceeded to become a neurotic mess checking the internet weather site, like, every five minutes... I mean, I hoped for the best.

I left the bazaar early and hiked on up the road to Williamsburg for the shoot ... with my awesome new friend and assistant, Jessica.

Here are a few... I had a hard time choosing, so there's more than usual !

This is Jeremie (on the right) with her gorgeous immediate family. I asked them to sing their favorite song... fully expecting to hear something along the lines of 'ABC's' or 'Twinkle Twinkle'... you know, something cute for the kids. Nope, Jeremie's husband belted out some awesome song and ohmigod-he-can-sing-keep-going-keep-going! Jeremie calls him the 'Karaoke King'. Poifect.

And Jeremie's two sons, 'C' and 'J'. 'C' played football with Trey back in the Oki days and little 'J' was in his mama's belly when I saw him last! Time flies folks. It flies.

This is Jeremie's gorgeous (and, uhm, OBVIOUSLY very well-educated-super-smart-and-totally-graduated) sister (Jocelyn) and her husband (Ken). There's something about this height difference that I love...that's so endearing. Or maybe that just reminds me of my best friends Dev and Lis... this picture makes me smile. I have no idea what we were talking about... actually... yes I do, but I will not embarrass all of us that way... nope. No way :)

This is 'M' a very-cool-probably-way-too-cool-for-all-this-portrait-phooey teenager. He, however, did an awesome job interacting with the kids and totally humoring me. All whilst being very cool... did I mention that?

And here's Jocelyn's little girl, 'M', in the arms of their neice, 'G'. THIS may be my favorite picture of the shoot. Ugh. It just pulls at my heart. 'G' was so awesome with the kids. SO AWESOME! Could I please employ you as a full-time babysitter?!

And, uhm, Jeremie, would it be weird if I had a ginormous picture of YOUR family in MY living room?! Seriously.

And then we had to get some total family shots! Jeremie's parents (in the middle) had come down for the graduation as well...

But... just wait...

We can't be normal! We had our umbrellas out (b/c OF COURSE it started raining on us) and then, I made everyone JUMP! ONE! TWO! THREE! JUUUUUUMP! This picture is awesometastic b/c just look at their faces! LOOOve it!

So there's your peek! More coming to your inbox soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Quick Update...

Whew. It's been a busy, busy weekend! Two full days of bazaar-table manning, two shoots... and a queasy stomach throughout! I'm tired, but definitely happy! I can't wait to share some of the sneak peeks with you guys, so keep checking back.

Also, this month is almost completely booked up, so PLEASE contact me ASAP if you want to schedule a shoot before it gets hot-hot! :)

Because it's been so busy I haven't had a chance to edit and/or blog too many personal pictures. But here's a quick one. Last weekend we went to the zoo with our friend John and Whitney and it was a blast! Stupidly, I didn't bring my camera, just the point-and-shoot... I totally regret that, but we got a few okay shots :)

The elephants! We loved the elephants...

The highwire act...totally gave me stress.

My boys...

So more stuff coming soon!

Until next time,
~ K

Friday, May 1, 2009


I've decided to extend the 'Langley Spring Bazaar' sale in two ways:

1) I'm extending it through SUNDAY! Both the 15% and 20% discounts are good for all sessions booked through Sunday!

- and -

2) I'm extending the sale to EVERYONE and ANYONE who books between now and Sunday! You don't have to come to the bazaar to get the awesome new sale prices! (Even though I'd love to see you!) Just contact me through my website, book your session, pay your deposit (or the in-full amount) and you've got the discounted price!

See the post below for the details on the sale!

Yay! Sales are fun!

And because a post is no fun without a picture...

This is my oldest... ASLEEP... at the AIR SHOW. Yes, during the Thunderbirds demonstration. I don't know how he does it. He must have his father's penchant for anywhere-sleep-ability... I don't possess that.

~ Until next time,