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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak Peek | Connor & Reid | Hampton, VA Family Photography

Getting ready for this shoot, Mom and I hemmed and hawed about possibly rescheduling due to the cold. Yes, it's been cold and windy here and both of us wanted to get some shots outside. In the end, we decided to give it a go... and I'm SO glad we did. In one of our emails, mom casually mentioned that, even if it's nasty outside there's a sunroom in their house that gets pretty good light.

I secretly did a little jig. Yes, mom, I kinda played it off in the email, but the words 'sunroom' and 'good light' made me freak out in delight a little. Or a lot. But whatever. I have some pride that I'd like to keep for the time being.

Anyway, yes it was a bit brisk, but the sun was shining and her sunroom (and entire house by the way) was AMAZING!

Here are some of my favorites so far... not done editing all the pics yet... I'm floored by this family. Truly.

Okay, I'll shutup now.

Sweet Connor. It took him a second to warm up to me. Just a second though. We played with trains and airplanes and he showed me his Nemo video. Then, I think, we were buds.

See. That's a smile for a bud. Score! By the way, do you see those gorgeous eyes? Whole family had 'em. It's just not fair... :)

Reid. Reid loves his mommy. Oh man. He would watch her like a hawk... and he has the most adorable grin and giggle. And, again, the eyes. Wow.

Look at this mom. She is gorgeous. No wonder these boys are so cute! I love this shot... that's Connor all hidden behind her. This was one of those "mom" looks like 'I give up... he's a nut...but I love him.' And I caught it. Go me! It's perfect. Really one of my favorites.

While we were outside we played a bit on their awesome playground in the backyard. This was the pirate ship (see dad being a pirate there)...

And we did some swinging.

But this is my favorite so far. In that to-die-for sunroom. Here again we have one of those family photos that tells a story about this family. Beautiful... in all aspects.

This was good.

Mom, more for you soon! Keep an eye on your inbox :)

~ K


aviva5271 said...

looooooove these! big fat YAY for sunrooms! (i know the happy dance of which you speak...) and for great houses! not so much the case for a lot of folks on typhoon-ridden Okinawa, but this gives me BIG hope for when we're home. I love how you captured this family, K - gorgeous kids, gorgeous Mom & Dad. Great one!

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