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Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo of the Day: Through-Trey's-Eyes Fridays...

Are you sick of my pictures yet? Well, to change things up a bit, I think I'm going to start posting some of Trey's pictures. He has the cutest Fisher Price camera for kids...he loves taking pictures with it... and always begs me to download them to the computer so he can look at them in all their glory.

So why stop there? We shall blogify his pictures as well... (For your information, I just totally made up that word... and I don't care if it doesn't make sense b/c it made me giggle a little).

This was taken back in October when my mom came to visit and we did the Williamsburg touristy thing. This is my mom in the governor's mansion. With swords in the background. Trey was probably very interested in the swords and very not interested in taking a great portrait (sheesh... i mean... come on it's not like he was FOUR or anything). :)


Have a fabulous weekend. See you soon!

~ K


Smokey Ardisson said...

That’s such a neat idea; it’s like the digital equivalent of the finger-paintings that once hung on refrigerators. Now in years to come you and Trey will be able to look back on how he saw the world when he was very small….

Kassia Reedy Photography said...

Thanks Smoke! I miss you... you should come up to VA for a few days! Really....

Karin said...

Blogify... I like it.

Anonymous said...

Tell Trey I like his photo of me very much! We had a wonderful time together when I was there.
Love - Mom/Gramma

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