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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo of the Day: Sky

I was standing outside the other day and happened to look up just when there were about 6 contrails in the sky... it was a cold, crisp day so you could even see the airplanes at the head of the trails, even the little teeny one that must have been tens of thousands of feet up. It just looked so awesome. I stared and thought to myself, "Gee, I wish I had my camera..."

Then I started twitching a little... then a little more... then I dropped everything and ran inside to find the camera. Like I always say, it's a disease folks.

Well by the time I got back outside, it wasn't nearly as cool as before... the contrails had dissipated, so I didn't get that shot, but the sky to the east was still streaked with some really cool clouds. See...

It's almost Friday! Joy!

~ K


Kay said...

Could you ask the city to take down that wire across the road from your house? It detracts from your otherwise wonderful photos!!

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