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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Hampton Roads area of VA. I absolutely love photographing families, couples, children, and newborns. Here you'll find sneak peeks from my latest sessions, images from my own family, and the latest news from the studio! So come on in, grab a cup of joe, and stay for a while... ~ Kassia

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Friday, July 24, 2009


The boys went fishing yesterday afternoon. I love this.

Until next time,

~ K

A Quick Personal Pic...

This is a new favorite. We were at the zoo... we had the kids up on a cute little model elephant... and we said to Trey, "Trey! Make your brother smile!" And this is what we got...

I'm blowing this up and putting it on their wall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Until next time,

~ K

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 Women... 1 Dad | Columbia, SC Family Photography

You heard me. Four ladies. Three beautiful daughters (one of which you may recognize from my previous post), one elegant mom.... and dad. All you guys out there (yeah, like the ONE that reads my blog... also known as my husband...) are groaning a little. Maybe more like grimacing. But I'll tell you one thing, these three girls, from what I've seen, are the most gracious, intelligent, beautiful young ladies. Dad and mom, in my opinion, are lucky... but more than that... they should be complimented. You have done a grand job with these ladies. I applaud you whole-heartedly.

Check out this family:

Now. Who wants to loan me one of those girl-childs... I am surrounded by testosterone, power-ranger tighty-whities, swords, guns, and fishing hats. Help.

Until next time,
~ K

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fierce! | Professional Headshot Portraits

Before we left on vacation, I received an email from Laura. Laura is the older sister of Alys, whom I photographed last summer before her senior year in high school. Laura is entering her senior year of college and is a vocal performance major. Her specialty is... get this... opera. How amazing is that?! In this era of American Idol and American's Got Talent I think it's refreshing to meet someone interested in the artistic side of vocal performance. In fact, Laura's entire family is a musical one... Alys was accepted into a school of music where she'll study piano... and their littlest sister plays the viola and sings as well. I love artists.

In anycase, later this year Laura will be applying to some grad programs and needed some professional headshots.

How fierce is she?!

Laura, I had a great time with you! You are gorgeous in every sense of the word... Good luck this year in your final year of college... and in applying for that program up north! I can't wait to see how far you'll go :) This, by the way, is just a snippet... girl... you don't take a bad picture, I have so many to show you!

Until next time,
~ K

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I will be available via email over the next two weeks, but we'll be on vacation so I may not get back to you as quickly as normal. I WILL be checking email though, so no worries! Current clients, if you have a gallery up and have questions please feel free to email me!

When I get back... I'll be gearing up for all the holiday madness... FUN! I mean, fun :) So stay tuned to see the specials and deals I have lined up!

And because we don't like posting without pictures...

Trey with his Uncle who came to visit for the 4th. :)

Until next time,
~ K

We had... SEW much fun...!

I met Dawn several months ago at the 'Evening Under the Stars' military spouse event here in Hampton. We started talking about how we could work together. As small business owners, military spouses, and mothers to little ones, we immediately had a lot in common!

Anyway, Dawn is a very talented maker of all things cute, cuddly and adorable.. and the owner of Sew Much Fun Boutique! Yesterday I spent some time at her house taking photos of some of her products for her website. Cute matching plates, sippy cups, bowls... things you can personalize! Yeah, monogrammed bowl and plate sets! What a great gift for baby showers and birthdays!! When you get a chance, check out her online shop here.

For now, just a cute pic of her ADORABLE little girl holding up one of the personalized bowls...

Hope you all are well...

Until next time,
~ K

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Morning in Yorktown | Yorktown Family Photographer

My second family session this weekend and it definitely didn't disappoint! We had a great time! I loved watching this family interact... the little ones were absolutely adorable...

Little 'A' and Little 'J' are only about 18 months apart. They are going to be SO close when they get older. I love the dynamic in families like this.

The morning light was sublime. And this family had so much fun fooling around together. I just ran around (more like laid around... I love getting down on the ground) and snapped away.

Mom and Dad. I'm loving shots like this (can you tell?). I love their smiles. :)

Thank-you 'G' Fam... I had a great time! I can't wait for you to see the rest!

Until next time,
~ K

Another Fabulous Family | Newport News Family Photographer

The biggest compliment anyone can give me is a referral. This beautiful family came courtesy of a previous client (you can see their sneak peek here).

I had a great time traipsing through the park with these guys. We watched the ducks a bit, quacked at them some, went searching for big scary monster fish (which are, secretly VERY NICE big scary monster fish, didn't you know?!), pretended we were princesses (well, us gals did anyway), and used our third eyes to keep an eye on the kids while we grabbed some shots of mom and dad.

Whew. It was busy. But, as always, FUN.

I was in the muck getting this shot. But it was worth the dirty feet.

I don't know... I don't think these guys could get any cuter. And that baby. Ohhh that baby. That baby is one ball of chubby, lovey, happiness.

And then there's mom and dad. Now we know why the kiddos are so gorgeous. Great genes I suppose.

I really had a good time with you guys. Mom, hope you're having fun back home! And Dad, maybe without the kiddos around you can spend some time playing with photoshop (dad is budding photographer himself)...or not... b/c I would sleep...lots and lots of sleep... but you know, whatever!

I can't wait for you guys to see the full gallery. This is just a mini-taste. I have so many beautiful images to share with you! Soon... soon!

Anyway, more to come! I had another amazing session this morning...

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You may notice (if you're on my blog page proper....if you're reading this in an aggregator, pop over to my page) that my blog header looks different.

It's been about a year now since I started on this path to starting my own photography business. I have learned so much and have grown as a photographer (and as a person I hope) since that time...

I felt it was time for a little change.

Nothing huge.

Just little.

My logo... is slightly different. That's it.

Whattya think? I feel like it's a little more representative of things as of late.

So, if you're perusing my website you may notice some changes as I update the site. Please be patient. All should be done in a few days.

Until next time,

~ K

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Introducing Baby Kaleb | Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer

On Friday morning I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest baby boy. At first he wanted nothing to do with sleeping... he was much more interested in looking around and seeing what we were up to. Which... was trying to get him to go to sleep. But he eventually succumbed and we were able to get some beautiful shots.

You may remember gorgeous mom and dad from their maternity session.

So mom and dad... here you go. Much more soon!

Kaleb's dad is a firefighter... this was his one request. And the little guy fit PERFECTLY! I love this...

Until next time,

~ K

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Weekend... My Favorites

We had a very busy weekend. A great weekend, but a busy one. I wanted to share a few of my favorite images with you :)

First up, Trey & Pappy...

DJ's parents AND grandparents came down for Trey's 1/2 Birthday Party. I just love this... love it.

Mimi brought bubbles... it's so amazing to watch kids run around chasing bubbles.


My sister. She flew in from Chicago for Trey's party too... Sunday we spent the day at the beach and it was so relaxing. I love this shot of her :)

Trey could have played in the waves all day...

Look at those eyelashes. I love those eyelashes. He gets them from his daddy...

Sisters. I love my sister.

I hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mine!

Until next time,

~ K